Compucentro is an VMWare Enterprise partner  consequently we are certified to help you with your virtualization projects.


Virtualise is a tested software technology that allows to execute multiple operative system and apps by the same time in an unique server. It is transforming the IT scene and completely changing the way that*people use the technology.


Virtualization is the only way to reduce the IT costs and increase efficiency and agility.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Virtualization advantages:

  • Reduce capital and operational costs.

  • Provide high apps disponibility.

  • Minimize or delete out of service time.

  • Increase the answer capacity, agility, efficiency and productivity.

  • Speed and simplify the resources and apps supply.

  • Support the business continuity and disasters recovery.

  • Allows the centralized administration.

  • Developed a true data center defined by software.

Compucentro only serves the business sector, if unfortunately you do not have an email with a business domain, we cannot support it. (No: @gmail, @hotmail. Yes: @compucentro @company, etc.)
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