The data center solutions that Compucentro offers are thought to grant the best possible investment return, high disponibility and compatibility. Start at your own size and scale without limits with our wide, flexible, quick and efficient solutions range.


We can help you to monetize and transform your company, speeding the value of your investment.

We have a server line designed to run any workload, from small infrastructure apps to mision critical apps and internet scale. The HP Proliant servers family is the worldwide most successful for its flexibility, intelligence and resistance.

Gen10 Servers are available!

New HPE Superdome X server

Take advantage of the potential for exponential data growth with HPE Superdome X, the world's most scalable and modular memory processing platform. Convert critical data into real-time information, with growth in line with the evolution of data demand, critical of the size of your business.

Compucentro only serves the business sector, if unfortunately you do not have an email with a business domain, we cannot support it. (No: @gmail, @hotmail. Yes: @compucentro @company, etc.)
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