El contar con Servicios Administrados es una práctica que ayuda a las empresas a enfocarse en su negocio y a hacer más productiva la operación de su área de TI.

Compucentro Managed Services 

Managed Services help companies to focus on their business major profit, increasing the IT department productivity,  reducing associated operation costs, and allowing them to have the control.
Some benefits of Compucentro Managed Services:
  • Suitable design according to users and company
  • Infrastructure improvement at less cost
  • Hardware depreciation reduction
  • Efficiency Operation improvement 
  • Workspaces transformation
  • Productivity and results increase
  • Security, support and flexibility
  • Expenses decrease and control 
  • Processes automatization
  • Remarkable taxes benefits 
  • Maximise your investment ​
Meet our:

Compucentro only serves the business sector, if unfortunately you do not have an email with a business domain, we cannot support it. (No: @gmail, @hotmail. Yes: @compucentro @company, etc.)

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