Managed Print Service

We manage over 110 millions pages per year!
We have our own nationalwide Service Desk and technical support, certified in ISO 20,000. As well as specialized technical support and national coverage.

Nowadays, companies need an effective solution that allows them to print their files without spending a big budget or dedicate a lot of human or material resources for maintenance.

Without the correct tool, you will not identify data as:

  • How many cartridges does your company uses monthly.

  • The investment on your printing equipments maintenance.

  • The printing volume for each employee and if it is justified.

  • And more...

Optimize your operation with our Managed Print Service with wich you will have accurate control of expenses and printing processes. 

With MPS you will get:


  • Financial leasing program with HP, worldwide leader in printing technology.

  • Specialized service with certified technicians

  • Leasing, Service Desk, training and machines according to your needs.

  • Web monitoring to avoid runnning out of supplies.

  • Backup machines to no stop your company operations.

  • Scheduled stock and supplies delivery for all your machines.

  • Monthy volumetrics reports ​

In a controled environment the expenses asociatted to your printing operations, can decrease up to a 30% of printings not associated to company activities.

As a HP Planet Partner, we care about the environment returnign empty cartridges to HP, whose are reduced to raw materials and used to produce new plastic or metal products, reducing the environment impact that these materials can cause.


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