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Over 25 years of success behind us.

Compucentro history is full of success and growth since the founding, the company has been known for offering a first class service to our customers and to be an organization in contstante development characterized by innovation.


Compucentro born from the initiative of three enterprising students of Tec de Monterrey, who without a major capital or a lot of experience, but with great enthusiasm, they decided to venture into the sale of Smith Corona typewriters and electronic equipment Printaform.


Their dedication and professionalism took months to sell its first PC. This was an important step because in this period occurred in Mexico the rise of personal computers. The sale was the beginning of a corporate consolidation that eventually would specialize in the distribution of the best computer equipment. The result of this innovation in your business allowed two outlets were established in Mexico, one located in the commercial heart of the capital, Polanco and another focused on serving customers in the State of Mexico in Ciudad Satelite.



Thanks to the efforts and dedication of the members of Compucentro in 1995 the company became one of the leading distributors of Compaq Computer in the country. It is during this time that the company gives a major boost to its business model and is dedicated to serving companies Medium Business requiring competitive IT solutions that will help them improve their operations.



2001 is an important year because the current facilities of the company located north of Mexico City in one of the areas of greatest economic growth is inaugurated. Also the beginning of this decade marks a milestone for the organization since it becomes an important business partner of Hewlett Packard Mexico.



In this decade the company transforms to one of the most important partners of Hewelett Packard in México.In this way Compucentro reafirms their position as an expert in equipments and printing services for all size of companies, In addition to providing solutions for data centers and computing equipment. More than two decades of successful experience , reaffirm the strength in the technology market

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