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 Managed print services

Do you know how much you spend a month on printing services?



Currently there is no company or organization that does not require print information as part of their daily operations. Whether data, graphs, reports, color or black and white, modern businesses need an effective solution that allows them to print your files without having to use a large budget or spend large amounts of human or material to its maintenance resources.


Investment in printing service company means a big expense and for some organizations , is an annual investment difficult to monitor and reduce :


30 % in hardware

40 % consumables

20 % in services and support

10% in third-party products


If you do not have the proper tool , it is very difficult for companies to answer the following questions :


How many ink cartridges ( consumables ) are used each month?

How much money is spent on maintenance of printers?

Does the IT staff is properly trained to fix a defect?

Who are the users who print more ? ... Spending is justified?

Do you have enough stock to replace an empty cartridge?

Do they care about the environment care when changing empty cartridges?


As is evident , spending on printing can be very high if you do not have an exact control or constant monitoring.



Our Solution


Our Managed Print Service (MPS) allow you respond promptly to these questions and take control their costs and accurate printing processes.


Compucentro, offers HP rental equipment, a world leader in printing technology, for you to achieve lower large costs associated with buying and maintaining new equipment for corporate.


With MPS Compucentro you get:


  • Equipment for rent decreases acquisition costs.  


  • Specialized service by certified technicians.


  • An integrated solution: financing, help desk, training and HP equipment.


  • Monitoring via web to know the exact moment that any of your printers is about to run out of ink.


  • In case of malfunction of any equipment we not replace it immediately to stop the operations of your organization.


  • Stock supplies for computers.


  • User identification. Knowing who is printing and what is printing.


  • In a controlled environment monthly print jobs can be decreased up to 30% unrelated to the work of the company prints.



Being Compucentro one Planet Partner of HP, we care about the environment by returning empty toner HP, which are subjected to a recycling process that reduces them to raw materials that are used to make new plastic and metal products, reducing the impact environmental these materials can cause.