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During the existence of Compucentro, we have delivered the best IT solutions. More than 25 years as technology specialists, allow us to provide a high degree of satisfaction to our customers.


As a specialized IT solutions organization, we speak their language and understand their need to do more with fewer resources.


Our track record is synonymous with satisfied customers. Compucentro always gives answers to suit each company. Regardless of sector or size, we are able to resolve common problems related to IT and technology solutions to improve the operations of organizations.


We thank the companies that have approached us confident in our strength to be business partners long term.

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Best regards. Compucentro S.A. de C.V

Compucentro solo sirve al sector empresarial, si desafortunadamente no tiene un correo electrónico con un dominio comercial, no podemos admitirlo. (No: @gmail, @hotmail. Sí: @compucentro @empresa, etc.)

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